Registration of a Foreign Company in Israel

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Registration of a Foreign Company in Israel

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Reut Eliyahu law firm offers legal services for international clients who wish to register a foreign company in Israel for the sake of engaging in business operations in Israel.

Reut Eliyahu law firm specializes in commercial law and corporate law and provides first-class legal services to foreign clients interested in promoting their business activities in Israel.

Our firm provides quick service of registration of foreign company withe the Israeli Corporations Authority.

Nature of the Service

According to the Israeli Companies Law A foreign company that wants to conduct business activity in Israel must register with the Registrar of Companies.

Detailed below are the documents required for the Registration of a Foreign Company:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
Submit the certificate of incorporation from the country of origin validated by apostil. Cases in which the country of origin does not issue certificates of incorporation, the lawyer submitting the application for registration will provide confirmation in writting that the country of origin does not issue certificates of incorporation and attach an official confirmation from the country of origin which testifies that the company is registration in the country of origin.
  • A notarized translation into Hebrew of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association and a notary translation into Hebrew of the Articles of Association
  • A Certificate of Status from the country of origin- translated into Hebrew which is valid proof that the company is active
  • ​Power of attorney for an Israeli citizen – an original or a true copy of the original of the power of attorney or a Letter of Authorization, confirming the authority of a person normally residing in Israel to act on behalf of the company in Israel in all matters and containing the person’s ID number and address.
  • A notice specifying the name and address of a person residing in Israel authorized to receive court documents and notices on behalf of the company
  • The company’s list of directors – the list will include passport numbers (generally referring to a foreign resident) and nationality or Israeli ID numbers.
  • Original reference confirming payment of the fee for the Registration of a Foreign Company –prior to executing the payment for the registration of a foreign company, state on the payment slip the proposed name of the company/the name of the director/shareholder/applicant (a lawyer acting on behalf of the company) according to the particulars stated on the documents submitted with the applications for registration. Please note, reference of payment that have been manually changed will not be approved.
Note: Documents must be submitted in the official language of the country and not in a foreign language, signed with an original signature only, unless it was mentioned otherwise.


Fess: The fee to be paid for registration of a foreign company in the Companies Authority in Israel is identical to the registration fee of a new company in the Israeli Companies Authority, which is currently NIS 2,614 (as of April 2018).


  • Regarding the name of the foreign company is should be noted that the company will be registered under its existing name in English and in Hebrew (according to phonetic transcription), unless circumstances dictate otherwise, for example if the company’s name is identical to that of another company. In such a case, the company will be required, generally, to add to its name the name of the country in which it was incorporated.
  • Should the application for the registration of the company be rejected, and you choose not to continue the registration procedure, you may submit a request for refunding the money with the confirmation of payment attached.

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