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An accident can happen quickly, but the consequences can last a lifetime. If you or a loved one sustains an injury in a serious accident, you will want someone who understands the full impact of the injuries. You may need significant financial compensation to pay for medical bills and to cover lost wages, in addition to other losses.
Depending on your circumstances, you may need assistance with long term care for yourself or a loved one.

under these circumstances you deserve compensation from the insurance companies.
You deserve to be treated fairly by the insurance companies. But insurance companies are not necessarily looking out for your best interests. It’s hard to know what to do after an accident due to someone’s negligence. our injuries attorney will fight for your best interest. If you or your loved one is involved in an accident, call Reut Eliyahu Law Offices.

Reut Eliyahu Law Offices provides aggressive representation in a variety of cases, from motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, product liability, wrongful death, premises liability, catastrophic injuries to construction accident claims. Our clients receive personal attention from our attorneys who are up to date on the latest personal injury laws and regulations. We understand exactly what victims are going through. When you have a caring, compassionate and informed personal injury attorneys working for you, you can take a stand against insurance companies and big corporations.

The personal injury legal services offered by Reut Eliyahu Advocates include:

Body injuries

Our office specializes in the representation of injuries caused by accidents, including: bodily injuries, work accidents, accidents on the street and public places, accidents in schools and kindergartens, accidents in gardens and events halls, injuries due to various hazards, and more.

Road Accident

Our firm has extensive experience in representing compensation claims for personal injury against insurance companies caused by road accidents. Including: road accidents, motorcycle accidents, road accidents involving pedestrians, road accidents involving buses, and more.

Insurance claims

The firm handles various insurance claims, such as personal accident insurance, life insurance, disability insurance claims, disability insurance, and more. Our office is accompanied from beginning to end, with emphasis on dedicated, efficient and highly professional treatment, which will ultimately yield the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

The firm provides a comprehensive legal solution in the areas of personal injury in Israel.

Reut Eliyahu Law Firm provides all the legal needs of the client. A professional lawyer in our firm also provides legal services in other relevant areas (real estate law, administrative law, civil law,commercial law etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact the Reut Eliyahu Law Firm when you need a professional, trusted and reputable personal injury attorney in Israel. For further information or to schedule an appointment please call us at 074.704.7104 or contact us here.

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